I belive that politic is for politicians, people are more important!
In this blog was written lots of bad things about russian politic - all that was true and it is sad, but now I want to start writing few words about Russians, their culture and traditions

8 Mar 2009

Russian culture facts

Russia has a rich cultural heritage that is expressed in the cities, the countryside and the small towns of this striking and proud nation. While virtually every place you might visit during your travels here lives and breathes this culture, it is often most easily absorbed while visiting several of the country's attractions. The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, for instance, is filled with famous Russian icons. The Heritage Museum and Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg are filled with brilliant art collections, while the many hamlets and small towns of the countryside exude a different sort of lifestyle. Old Cloisters and castles help visitors reflect on Russia's past and give the history of the country and interesting perspective.


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