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In this blog was written lots of bad things about russian politic - all that was true and it is sad, but now I want to start writing few words about Russians, their culture and traditions

11 Aug 2008

Comparison of Georgian and Russian forces

Total personnel: 641,000
Main battle tanks (various): 6,717
Armoured personnel carriers: 6,388
Combat aircraft (various): 1,206
Heavy artillery pieces (various): 7,550

Total personnel: 26,900
Main battle tanks (T-72): 82
Armoured personnel carriers: 139
Combat aircraft (Su-25): Seven
Heavy artillery pieces (including Grad rocket launchers): 95
Source: BBC

... but the truth will win!

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mestia said...

I believe, the ethical trial of this war has already taken place and the verdict has been passed. If the universe is tuned for justice, Georgia has already defeated Russia morally. But, unfortunately, in the physical world, our people are killed and our homeland is being destroyed by the herd of barbarians.