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16 Aug 2008

Human Rights Watch: Russia exaggerating South Ossetian death toll to provoke revenge against Georgians

Deliberate attempts by the Russian government to exaggerate the number of people killed in the South Ossetia conflict are provoking revenge attacks on Georgian villagers in the breakaway republic.

This is an important prove, that the 1400 deaths announced by the Russian officials, was nothing more than another piece of Russian propaganda. Human rights watch could confirm only 44 deaths in Tskhinvali. At the same time, it’s obvious Georgian forces can’t be solely blamed for these deaths, as Russians were bombing and attacking the town at least for two days, while Georgians were based there. And it’s not a fact, that all the deaths are on the Ossetian side.

At the same time, it is proven by international organizations that about 10,000 Georgians were killed in Abkhazia in 1993, while over 300,000 became refugees.

During the current conflict, just one bombing in Senaki killed about 30 civilians, while many other bombings took about 10 deaths each (in Marneuli, Gori, a bombing of a minibus and many others).

No one knows yet exactly how many Georgians are being killed currently in the places occupied by Russians. Over 30,000 Georgians lived in SO, mostly in the Georgian-controlled part which is now fully occupied by Russians, along with some territories outside of the conflict regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

People who have hidden in forests and escaped Russians this way, are telling that while in some villages Russians are killing people immediately, from other Georgian villages they are kidnapping people towards Ossetian villages.


财务自由者 said...

hehe recommend you look at the video.
Perhaps it will change your life.

mestia said...

I believe, the ethical trial of this war has already taken place and the verdict has been passed. If the universe is tuned for justice, Georgia has already defeated Russia morally. But, unfortunately, in the physical world, our people are killed and our homeland is being destroyed by the herd of barbarians.